Not Just a Cold Plunge

We set out to build something beautiful that would stand out in any environment with unparalleled performance and reliability. Each tub is handcrafted by skilled artisans in San Diego.

From hand selecting every board, carefully firing and sanding each board, to Japanese tradition of Shou Sugi Ban, there isn’t a better looking tub than Breathe Degrees. 

The result is an unmatched finish.


Shou Sugi Ban Burning

Architecture trends don’t always revolve around new ideas but occasionally nod to the past by bringing ancient techniques back to life with improved technology.  A perfect example of this is Shou Sugi Ban.

Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient Japanese technique used to preserve wood by charring the surface of the wood with a hot flame.

While most consider fire to be an enemy of wood, only causing its degradation, Shou Sugi Ban enhances durability and beautifies the grain, for a stunning finish for both modern and rustic settings.

Adjustable Temperature Control

Just set your desired temp and go!


Natural Water Purification System

Why we use Ozonation water sanitation.

Ozone is a potent oxidant, easily soluble in water, and able to break down various compounds and microorganisms. Because of its properties, ozone is an ideal method of treating water against contaminants or pollutants. Research shows that ozone is the most effective method of treating water from a time and cost perspective. Ozone is one of the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly treatment technologies.


Our Plunges in the Wild